• img_2677-e1478719197108 I find Preston’s workouts effective because they work all parts of the body with core exercises, … Ben Mapp
  • img_2666 We really enjoy and appreciate the time we spend with Preston. We are in much better shape for it… Tom and Erica Wisherop
  • img_2193-e1477934985154 I began working with Preston at the beginning of the year to restart my lapsed fitness “habit.” W… Kirsten E. Weisser
  • IMG_0657 I have been training with Preston for over 4 years. He keeps my workouts challenging and varied w… Jeff Angermann
  • IMG_0953 As a result of my invaluable training sessions with Preston, I feel as if I am winning the battle… Danielle Cheek
  • IMG_0661x I really enjoy working out with Preston. I’ve never been one to work out in a gym before, so he … Dylan Kaufman
  • IMG_0875 I’ve trained with Preston for the past few years and I’ve never thought about using anyone else! … David Green
  • DSCF2170 I have trained with Preston for a couple of years now and I love my workouts.  Preston keeps me m… Ursula Weisser
  • ba2909a8-b6cf-48f3-9902-f51c9603dea1 Due to Preston’s polite, but firm approach I have become stronger, have better balance, and lost … Patricia Jones
  • 36019014-64f4-410b-a370-da3f7bb8b511 I have been a family physician for over 15 years and everyday I talk to my patients about the imp… Deborah Glupczynski
  • DSCF2167 Preston is an excellent trainer who facilitated my rapid rehab from a hip replacement. His traini… Sharon Cossey