Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How frequently should I see a trainer?

A: Although this varies from person to person, you must ask yourself the following questions: What are my goals/objectives?  How much motivation and support do I need? Are you working through any injuries? Are you new to exercise and healthy eating? You’ll probably need to see a trainer 2-3 times per week early in your training and you can reduce this gradually as you become more proficient in the gym and the kitchen.

Q: Do I have to pick the same time/day every week?

A: Nope! But research indicates that to effectively make working out a habit you should choose the same time/day each week. Just make sure that you aren’t choosing times you know are no good.

Q: What type of exercises should I do to get in shape?

A: This is another question that demands you to ask yourself, “what are my goals?” Take strength training for example. We all need to strength train in order to rev up metabolism, improve bone density and increase muscle mass. However, the style of training or the manner in which we train is determined by our goal. Someone training for a triathlon or weight loss will use most of the same equipment as someone who wants to lose weight, but the exercises, reps, sets, load, intensity and rest variable will all be different

Q: How quickly will I see the results?

A: First, what is your “why?” In my experience those with a strong “why” do much better and see results much faster than those who don’t. We are much more disciplined when our goals really mean something to us. Secondly, “do you have a plan?”  You can spend countless hours in the gym trying to figure out what to do or you can enlist a professional personal trainer who will not only devise a program tailored for your specific needs, but will teach you proper form and technique. Lastly, “are you willing to let go?” Let go of food that is not nutrient dense that is. If you want the fast results possible you must be willing to eat right. Your personal trainer should be able to help you with this.

Q: What is the best time of day to train?

A: The time of day that you can be consistent. If you really want to form the habit of exercising daily or every other day you must find a time and stick to it. And remember it’s not “I don’t have time,” it’s “I don’t make time.” Treat yourself like the superstar you are and make the time to take care of your body.